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A loop of cord added to the mainstay of a fan, or at the handle of a flag, which allows the fan or flag to be spun freely without damaging the flow tool.
Depth of Glow
Refers to the dimensionality of a flag’s design. Large areas of the same color can appear flat. Dying a set of silk flags with blends and layers of color makes them appears 3-dimensional, giving good “depth of glow”.

  • Flag Bag – A must-have for any serious flagger. Having the guts to strap on a large bag of flags in a room full of shirtless boys shows a dedication to your art.
  • Flag Daddy – Honorific a flagger uses to refer to the person who introduced him to flagging, and guided him along his journey. The student grants the term to the mentor.

  • Flag-ghurl!  – A male flagger who enjoys performing in high heels , hot shorts, and flags.
  • Flag Moth  – A nonflagger who is drawn to the beauty of spinning silk, but unaware of the dangers of spinning weights.
  • Flag Poi / Silk Poi – A combination of flags and poi, offering aspects of each. Flag Poi have (poi) handles, swivels and can be spun freely in a circle. They have a silk body (small flag) to add a strong visual element. “They’re not flags, they’re not poi, they’re Flag Poi!”
  • Flag Zombie – An intoxicated nonflagger who has the urge to embrace and consume spinning silk. He is relentless, as his condition renders him unfeeling to the spinning weights that repeatedly strike him. Often heard to chant, “must… eat… flags!”
  • Flaggot – Pejorative used by a nonflagger for a flagger. Often by those who would secretly like to try spinning, but who are afraid to appear uncool in front of their friends.FloguingA style of flagging incorportating lots of dramatic body movements and poses. Think of a Madonna video or cheerleading squad, but with flags instead of batons or breast cones.

  • Frog In A Blender – A set of flags with a much more complicated design than was intended. When in motion it purees into a green gooey mess. Full of lots of yummy protein, too!
  • “If the flag flies sweetie” – A flagger’s version of “if the shoe fits.” The word “sweetie” can usually be substituted with a pejorative appropriate to this situation and audience.
  • Motion Set – A set of flags that’s beautiful as long as they’re in motion. The design and colors flow together to create a lovely visual. Blurring and backlight can be a beautiful thing.

PoiboyThose oh-so-cute poi-spinning boys who have never picked up a set of flags but spin them like naturals. Cute and filled with infectious enthusiasm, and apparently unaware of all the oh-so-gay attention they are getting.RoperSomeone who spins a pair of flags into twisted ropes – one of the most destructive things you can do to flags. Ropers never seem to have their own flags, and always want to borrow yours.Wall SetAn beautiful set of flags that are absolutely awful in motion. Usually the result of a very complicated dye pattern, a wall set looks best… on a wall.WashabeeShort for “Martha Wash Wannabe”, a nonflagger diva who takes the center of a space and refuses all requests to share. Because, of course, flaggers are there to provide a backdrop for his impromptu show.

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