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This is a quick list of the acid dyes that work well for silk flag making. 

Dharma Trading Company:
  •  Hot Fuscia #620
  • Brilliant Kelly Green #627
  • Chartreuse #628
  • Brilliant Blue #623  (just ok)
  • Dharma used to have a good yellow dye, called “dharma flourescent yellow”, but I’m not sure if it’s still available.


  • Flavine Yellow (good yellow)
  • Rhodamine B  (fantastic fuscia)
  • Aljo Blue (royal blue)
  • Violet
  • Flourescent Violet

Day-Glo Color Corporation

  • D818 Roanoke Yellow
  • D834 Grand Yellow

Pylam Products

  • Fluorescent Violet – LX11387
  • Fluorescent Blue – LX11384 (sky blue)

Organic Dyestuff Corporation

  • Rhodamine B
  • Rhodamine G
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  • Brandi Faulk says:

    Hi I would love to find a set of hot pink or red silk flags. Can you let me know if you or anyone has a set for sale????