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Phillip Bryan

Dallas Tie Dye Open Studio / Workshop – Nov 6

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Dye some silk and create new flags!

The Dallas Flaggers welcome newbies and experienced flaggers to the open studio, where you can learn the silk dye process and dye your own sets of flags and flag poi.

Sunday, November 6, 2001
1333 Skiles (Phillip’s place)
Dallas, Tx 75204

1:00 pm to Sunset
Weather permitting – we will be outdoors but under a carport

At 1 pm we’ll have a demonstration of the silk dye process from start to finish, followed by open time at the dye tables where you can create whatever you like. Experience flag makers will be on hand to answer questions and offer suggestions. Additional demonstrations of more advanced techniques will occur later in the day for those who wish to create more sets.

Cost: $20 for silk and dyes for a set of flags (or 2 sets of flag poi).

Preparation: Just bring your imagination and wear comfortable clothes that might get a little stained. We’ll be outdoors but under a carport and shielded from the wind.

Hot Pad

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These were made with the idea to create stacked disks using pleat ties. The areas where the pads overlap was the real tricky bit, but it came out pretty nice.

The shape reminds me of a prickly pear cactus. Fun!

Mandala Fold

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Mandalas are a wonderful starting point for flag designs. When the flags are flown, their radial symmetry becomes a dazzling kinetic kaleidoscope. For those who might prefer a name with less reach into the cosmos, it is also known as the “paper airplane fold.”

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