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Phillip Bryan

What is a Mandala?

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A mandala is a symbolic picture of the universe. It can be a painting on a wall or scroll, created in colored sands on a table, or visualization in the mind of a very skilled adept.

The mandala represents an imaginary palace that is contemplated during meditation. Each object in the palace has significance, representing an aspect of wisdom or reminding the meditator of a guiding principle. The mandala’s purpose is to help transform ordinary minds into enlightened ones and to assist with healing.

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Monkey Face

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When I created this set, I was thinking of a sort of “black hole” effect, or a space nebula or something. Guess I was in a sci-fi mindset.

Then a friend saw it and said he could see a monkey face in the blue center area. That ended all discussion.

After all, could there be any better name than “Monkey Face”? 😀

Flagging Glossary

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Frog In A Blender – A set of flags with a much more complicated design than was intended. When in motion it purees into a green gooey mess. Full of lots of yummy protein, too!

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Sewing Flags

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This is just one way to sew a set of flags.  Most flagmakers have their own style, their own quirks, and their own preferences for creating and weighting flags.  I encourage you to experiemtn and find what works best for you.

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DNA 2009 – Lanz and Blake

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