Another set using the "Zones" design, with a few changes:

*** In the original, I really liked the way the center yellow/green area popped under UV, because it was a small star orbiting around your hands. In the new set, I made the star larger and more yellow. Spinning under UV, it should look really nice.

*** I also liked the fire perimeter of the original. It’s my most-requested effect–it seems like everyone wants the outer edge of their flags to spin like fire. So in the new set I made this area larger, and more orange-y. It’s less yellow-red, more yellow-orange. I used three oranges, five yellows, and six pinks in it, and wound up with some nice popping golds and even some popping brown (a very hard color to get to glow)

*** I used a stronger contrast between light and dark blue in the "cool zone" In the original, it’s basically light blue with a royal blue outline. In the new set the light blue area itself has pale light blue and saturated light blue. This adds to the layering (and therefore, the dimensionality) of the light blue area.

By September 17, 2012

Phillip Bryan

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