Fire Pants (1)
I liked the wrap-style pants when I first saw them years ago. So simple and yet so comfortable.

And having the legs completely open up the sides added a bit of a thrill to wearing them!

I haven’t tried making them before because frankly, I didn’t expect them to look good on a dancer during a show. Hey, I’m pretty used to wearing stuff that’s tight.

I met Andy in Vegas, and he mentioned that he’d also been interested in this style of clothing. Here was the push I need to try making a pair.

Andy is a flagger from Seattle. He creates beautiful tie-dyed sets.

The pants are made of silk and sewn completely with silk thread. Making the first pair was actually kind of fun, and I immediately made two more sets.

And then I put them on the shelf because I didn’t know how I wanted to dye them.

During one of my tie-dye workshops, I tried an idea I’d been working on to create a "lava"-type design. I made a set of flags using the technique and liked it so much I dyed both pairs of pants with it. This is the first, using a bit more yellow than the second.

By September 17, 2012

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