Fire Pants (2)
This is the second pair of wrap pants I made. It has a lot more orange, where I was playing with my fire blends.

I took both pairs to prepare for some shows in San Diego. I brought them out for Chris, the other flagger in the shows. I figured he’d think they were wild, but I <b>really</b> didn’t expect him to be up for wearing them in the show. The material is very <b>thin</b>!

But he was up for it, and everyone else involved loved the idea. Kristine (the whole reason for the shows) thought they were great, and really loved it when I pulled out some UV body paint and put blacklight flames over my chest and arms.

So we wore them as one of our outfits. Chris also wore my fire shirt, and I just did another UV paint job over my chest, arms and face.

The pants felt amazingly comfortable to flag in–pretty close to being naked actually. My biggest worry was that the silk would get wet from all our sweat and stick to … certain places…


By September 17, 2012

Phillip Bryan

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