Bryan Cole Smith



Bryan Cole Smith

Type of Artist

Spins Flags, Spins Fans


Wenonah, NJ (outside of Philadelphia) and Palm Springs, CA

My History

What is it about flagging that you enjoy the most?

I also enjoy the fact that it’s something that doesn’t require company. I can go flag without worrying about "the gang" and where everyone is. I can go off and be a fly on the wall and just focus on me.

What was one of your wildest or craziest flagging experiences?

This is a no brainer. I traditionally vacation in Provincetown every year. My best friend Peter accompanied me for many years. I would take material, sewing machines, all that good stuff and for 2 weeks a year, I would sew, try out, adjust, and sew some more.

The Pied’s After Tea dance has been my staple for years as well. One year, I was feeling particularly high spirited. It was truly one of those perfect days. . great music, beautiful weather, hot crowd (who weren’t dancing which gave me tons of floor space), and a full moon rising over the bay. During a favorite song, I cut loose, and decided to toss one of the big flags I had. I hadn’t figured on the wind coming across the bay, or the 8′ ceiling fan that they had turned on a few seconds ago. I was going for a small toss, simple yet flashy. The next thing I knew, the flag was about 10 feet in the air. As it spiraled down, it caught on the blade of the fan. Peter told me it circled about 3 times before dropping down right into my hand. Evidently I never missed a beat and the crowd literally broke into applause. I just remember thinking how I could crawl out and die from embarrassment!

Space Management: It is SO important.

Do you make your own sets? Can you describe what kind you make?

I do make them when I get the time. I use some strange materials. Coming from a family of tailors and seamstresses, I have TONS of fabric, sequined, lame, swim suit, you name it.