• Randy,
    There are some great videos out on homeofpoi.com under the poi lessons section.
    I have been using these videos to try to get my weaves down….

    While they are poi specific, many of the skill sets can be applied to flags. I
    now practice with trianing poi and then migrate the skills to flags…..but then
    Im a beginner as well so…[Read more]

  • Hey guys,

    I have a brand new Bernina Sewing machine for sale with all the
    attachemnts for flag making. It’s still under warranty and is truly
    one of the best machines on the market. I also have Gingher
    stainless garment shears that I’ll throw in with everything else.
    So, I’m asking $200 for everything. I fugured I’d offer it to you
    guys…[Read more]