Denis Dallaire



Denis Dallaire

Type of Artist

Spins Flags, Spins Poi



My History

How long have you been flagging? How did you get started?

I have been flagging for just over a year now (Started in March 2004). I got started when I made my own set of gold flags.

What was your first flagging experience?

My first flagging experience was at a Mardi Gras event (March 2004). I had made a set of gold Lame flags. It was interesting to learn how to move the flags without having someone teach me! :-0 Wow I have come a long way, at least I think so!

What was one of your best flagging experiences?

My best flagging experience is the Texas Flagger Weekend 2005. My partner and I had a fantastic weekend making flags and flying them. This was our first experience flagging/making flags with other flaggers and we really enjoyed it. We met many great guys including Phillip and Disney.