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Gary Chambers



Gary Chambers

Type of Artist

Spins Flags, Spins Fans

Tell us a little about yourself

I first encountered flagging in Toronto Clubs many years ago.  I was always facinated by the beauty of the twirling colours.  As the years passed it seemed the flags and fans disappeared and where replaced by glow sticks and then LED lights.  I eventually picked up a set of glowsticks and was hooked.  At Black and Blue 7 years ago I encountered a group of flaggers.  One of them, Michael, offered me a set.  I quickly realized that it looked far easier than it was in reality.  I cannot imagine how horrible my first attempts were.  I was however determined to continue.  I searched every website I could until I discovered Eric Mitchell from Palm Springs.  I emailed him and I got my first set of flags from him.  His beautiful flags and constant encouragement got me on my way as a flagger.  I set out in our living room every chance I could to practice.  I was determined to learn how to spin them.  Eventually I hit the clubs, flags in hand and have loved every second of it. One year later I returned to Black and Blue in Montreal and ran into Michael, he remembered my first attempt at flagging and I am glad to say he thought I had come a long way in that first year.  Flagging has given me a sense of freedom and artistic expression I didn’t think was possible.  I’ve met many flaggers and fanners in the last 7 years and have had some incredible time in clubs and parties. 


Hamilton, Ontario