Mitch Bodholdt

Type of Artist

Spins Flags, Spins Fans



My History

How would you describe yourself as a flagger?

Probably a bit reckless … lets call that enthusiastic.
When I am flagging, I am so happy that I don’t think you could slap the smile off my face if you tried!

What is it about flagging that you enjoy the most?

The euphoric (natural high) that comes to me. Time and surroundings diminish and I am in ?The Zone?. Life?s burden is lifted. I feel free!

How long have you been flagging? How did you get started?

I honestly got my true beginnings in NYC at the Flagging Symposium on February 26, 2005. I actually saw Phillip Bryan flag many years before and have him on my list of ?flag daddies?, because I never stopped thinking about what I saw him do … he was so amazing! I spent a few years at home with a knotted dish towel in my hand, wondering what I was missing!

What was your first flagging experience?

The symposium in NYC changed my life. I came back to Denver and for a time when friends would ask me about my experience there, I could only choke up. There was no way for me to describe my feeling or talk about the wonderful people I met. So I would cry and they thought I was ?touched? and I realized that it was true ? I had been deeply touched, down to the soul, by that experience.

What was one of your best flagging experiences?

I just know that there are so many yet to come and I am so excited about that.

Attending IML in May ?05 and flagging on stage at House Of Blues, with my friend Jack, while DJ Bill Bennett performed was AWSOME!

Who has inspired or taught you?

Thanks and Love to:
Jack G.
Phillip B.
Don B.
George J.
David G.
Xavier C.
Larry R.
and so many more!

What was one of your wildest or craziest flagging experiences?

Hands down ? being questioned/harassed by security at Chichen Itza, Mexico for flagging on top of the pyramid! They wanted to confiscate my ?Don Baker? flags, for which I would have gone to jail to save. Boy, am I glad my partner (flag widow) speaks fluent Spanish ? I think he saved my butt! And to know more, you just need to ask!

Do you make your own sets? Can you describe what kind you make?

I have the silk … dye … wights … all supplies in a big Rubber Maid box … now, like the Cowardly Lion, I must find the courage!