Paul Wilson



Paul Wilson

Type of Artist

Spins Flags, Spins Fans

Tell us a little about yourself

Sometimes I wonder if Flagging is a self administered version of EMDR therapy?


Teaneck, NJ


New York

My History

How would you describe yourself as a flagger?

A Dancing Bear

What is it about flagging that you enjoy the most?

The people that you meet on the journey and the feeling of letting go and being present when you dance.

How long have you been flagging? How did you get started?

Started in Jan 2003

What was your first flagging experience?

I was at a AMFAR Trance Dance fund raiser last Jan 2003..

What was one of your best flagging experiences?

Dont know

Who has inspired or taught you?

I’ve had various teachers from New York area. Barbara taught me and I’ve learned from everyone else in NYC.. Everyone has a lesson to teach.

What was one of your wildest or craziest flagging experiences?

The most moving flagging experience was during a black party that Susan Morabito played a few years ago.. Now i forget the track but as I was flagging tears were running down my cheeks.The moment, music, lights and vocals just came together and i truly knew i loved flafgging and being present with the music and myself. Its all about being present in the moment.

Do you make your own sets? Can you describe what kind you make?

Any fabric that has a decent hand can be a flag for me. I perfer silk but will settle for chiffon or sparkel.

Where do you often like to flag?

Where ever there is a space on a dance floor or outside in a park.

What are your favorite types of flags to work with, and why?

I like silk because its so flowly..

Do you have an ultimate flagging experience that you would like to achieve, but have not yet?

Do more work with mixing flagging with dance performance or other performance arts.

Do you have a wish for what happens to your flags after you leave this world?

Hopefully my partner will give them to my friends…

What are your favorite songs to flag to?

Hopefully my partner will give them to my friends…