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Stratten Moore



Stratten Moore

Type of Artist

Spins Flags





My History

How would you describe yourself as a flagger?

i am new, but i have found that i like to spin fast and powerful.

What is it about flagging that you enjoy the most?

I just love how it allows me to center myself and actually connect with my body,mind, soul, and music.

How long have you been flagging? How did you get started?

i picked up my first set of flags in january of 2009 on the atlantis liberty of the seas cruise. Unfortunately i never saw my flag daddy after that amazing night. So i guess that would make me a flag orphan.

I have since done my own research and study and have created my own flags and have practiced day after day. it is a big part of my life now.

What was your first flagging experience?

On the stage of Studio B on the cruise ship while DJ Wayne G was spinning.

What was one of your best flagging experiences?

it was at the 2009 PSWP sunday tea dance, my first real party flagging, that i felt the connection with my flags. I remember just closing my eyes, spinning my flags right in front of a speaker and all i could see behind my eyelids were flags spinning everywhere. it was very euphoric.

Who has inspired or taught you?

My lost flag Daddy from Great Britain for sharing the gift for the first time. Also Skottie and Jeff from seattle for showing me a few tricks at the white party.