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Tom Roshka

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My History

How would you describe yourself as a flagger?

My style is fast, single-handed and high energy!!!

What is it about flagging that you enjoy the most?

Constantly learning more about me and the flags and how we relate to each other.

How long have you been flagging? How did you get started?

I’ve been flagging since 2004. I started in the basement of the house of one of my best friends. He had an after-hours party and had set up 3 or 4 black lights and he and 3 other friends started flagging. I was hooked!!!

What was your first flagging experience?

The basement of the house of one of my best friends during an after-hours.

What was one of your best flagging experiences?

Flagging at the main party in Union Station in Chicago at Fireball, February 2005, with my flag daddy and best friend, Denver! It’s where the picture on this site was taken.

Who has inspired or taught you?

My flag daddy Denver taught and coached me. My inspiration: Phillip Bryan and my friends Albert, Bernie, Brent, Christopher, Denver, Jackie & Mitch.

What was one of your wildest or craziest flagging experiences?

Flagging at the very top of The House of Blues in Chicago with Denver and Jackie for Fireball 2005.

Do you make your own sets? Can you describe what kind you make?

I just finished my first set (08/07/08)!

Where do you often like to flag?


What are your favorite types of flags to work with, and why?

Any! Each has its own opportunities for learning and artistic expression.

What are your favorite flagging quotes?

I have sometimes wondered if perhaps the universe is, deep down below all the particles, woven out of love. So that when we love, we weave the universe together a little more, that when we hate, we unravel the universe a little. – Daniel G. Van Olst –

What advice do you give to beginning flaggers?

90% of doing anything is knowing you can do it. The other 10% is practice. So know that you can flag and you will. The flags will move themselves; you tell them where to go with your hand and arm movements. Then I share with them the coaching my flag daddy gave me: “Stand still and close your eyes. Feel the music inside you before you move. And take your time.”

What nice/unusual comment has anyone said to you while flagging?

Many people have commented about the fact that I’m always smiling when I flag and that I have a look of pure joy on my face.

Do you have an ultimate flagging experience that you would like to achieve, but have not yet?

I’ve inspired many people to dance with flags; what more could I ask?

Do you have a wish for what happens to your flags after you leave this world?

That someone else takes them and uses them to inspire another person to explore their creative side, be it flagging or something else.