• ThumbnailBy Rhonda Garelick
    This article originally appeared in The Gay & Lesbian Review / Worldwide and is reprinted here with the publication’s permission.

    THERE’S SOMETHING RAPTUROUS about watching fabric spin so […]

  • ThumbnailBy John Polly
    Reprinted from “Pride.01: The Official Magazine of San Francisco Pride”
    Published by: Profile Pursuit, Inc.

    It’s here. It’s queer. And for those who wave those weighted sheets, flagging is a […]

  • ThumbnailThe ancient and mystical art of fabric throwing unveiled
    By Trenton Straube
    Photography by Danielle Levitt

    Throughout gay history – whether hiding, rioting, grieving or celebrating, we’ve always had dancing. […]

  • Thumbnail SWIRL, GURL: Bryan and his troupe of flag dancers brightened up the Thanksgiving Day game at Texas Stadium. (Photo by Jim Robert)[/caption]

    SPORTS – Gay flaggers score at Cowboys’ halftime

    Eight gay men […]

  • anonymous wrote a new post, Dream Weavers 9 years ago

    ThumbnailFlaggers find their zen, and community, in a resurging art form

    For the last eight months, Carlos tells me the same thing:

    “Oh my god. You haaaaavvve to see these boys with flags.”

    It’s always in his […]

  • anonymous wrote a new post, The Tribe 9 years ago

    Born in a dance
    Through eyes connecting
    Something of a trance

    To another soul
    Longing for something yet unknown
    Passions stirred, hearts grew, minds expanded

    Gifts shared then passed along
    Masters on […]

  • The Bunnies on the Bayou 31 is just days away, and that means that the Houston Flyboys will be again descending on the Wortham Center fountain waterfall to stage a performance precariously perched on the edge of a watery precipice on Easter Sunday.   This year promises to be extra exciting, with the BOTB applying for recognition […]

  • Hey guys,   My friend Jason Dottley is looking for 2 dances for a show he’s doing there in mid-April…if you have any suggests of people you know or might have some info for him please post to this forum or send him an email at jasondottley at mac dot com   He recently released a dance track with Debbie Holiday […]

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