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Time to Invade “Pride Island Sunday” Dance on the Pier

Hey all of you AWESOME Flaggers!!! We have a Flagger Stage at the Heratige of Pride Dance on the Pier!!! PRIDE ISLAND!!

If you are coming to NYC purchase your Pride Island Tickets NOW!!!

This will be our stage the entire day into the night!! We will have Black Lights as the evening progresses to make you all sparkle (not that any of you need help with that)!

So get your tickets NOW, if you have not done so already!!!!

NOW before they run out!! Go to this link and purchase your tickets!!!

This is a great opportunity for the NYC Flagging community to be a part of and support our amazing communtiy of love.

Thank you all for all of the work that has gone into getting this off the ground.


More information regarding Bag-tags and Flagger-stage-access wrist bands to come. We are presently working out the logistics with Heratige of Pride!!



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