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Time to Invade the 30th DANCE ON THE PIER!!! NYC

Don’t forget to get your tickets and lets us know that you are going to be at the Heritage of Pride Dance on the Pier!!!

We will have security information shortly about how to get your flags into the dance as well how to get your wrist band that will allow you onto the Flagger stage.
Soooooooo Get your tickets and let us know that you are going so that we can keep you up to date!! Hey any of your Flagger friends that are coming that are not on Facebook should let me know via email so that we can make sure that they are informed about security as well!!!
Jeff Hettinger


Hey all of you AWESOME Flaggers!!! We have a Flagger Stage at the 30th Heratige of Pride Dance on the Pier!!! 
This will be our stage the entire day into the night!! We will have Black Lights as the evening prgresses to make you all sparkle (not that any of you need help with that)!

So Get your tickets NOW, if you have not done so already!!!!  

NOW before they run out!! Go to this link and purchase your tickets!!!

We have raised the money and we will have a stage built out for the flagging community to come and play on!! This is a great opportunity for the NYC Flagging community to be a part of and support our amazing communtiy of love. Flaggers have stepped up and have given us an opportunity to give back and allow Heritage of Pride to continue to support all of the wonderful things that they do!!

Thank you all for all of the work that has gone into getting this off the ground.


More information regarding Bag tags and Flagger stage access wrist bands to come. We are presently working out the logistics with Heritage of Pride!!



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