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The Comfort Zone

By April 25, 2010September 16th, 2012Essays

by Andrew Morrison
Written for Flagger Weekend 5, 2008

The Comfort Zone is a state of awareness, a state of conciousness, achieved through many possible paths but tricky to attain nevertheless. Flaggers and artists find and treasure this awareness, and yet it can be truly frightening to the unitiated…

Enter the Zone…

For the first 30 minutes, you will be on edge and nervous while you acclimate to the zone’s subdued and unpredictable vibe.

You feel like you on the cusp of chaos, randomness with a feeling that some strong but strange lasso keeps it all under control–barely.

You can’t figure out why, but sanity and the edge of insanity weave together in a way that energizes…a way that fuels…a way that rules.

There is no real danger, at least not in the physical “I’m going to get hurt myself” sense, but perhaps in the mindful “this could be explosive” or “this could be the real, uninhibited me” way.

What is The Comfort Zone?

The Zone is an orgasm.

You have to let go and be absorbed…so you move as one, groove as one, dance as one, everything flowing en masse. If not, you stand on the exterior, trying to figure it out, but never truly enjoying it.

The Zone is a leap of faith.

You have to let go of fear and just jump in. Take the chance, risk your sense of self, and expose yourself to the possibility of improbability and love every second.

The Zone is an untamed animal.

It is the beast that tricks you into thinking that you’ve grappled and overpowered it, but in reality is is a bigger, more powerful beast that’s waiting to pounce.

The Zone is a church.

It offers a place for you to become one with yourself, to control the random, without self-imposing boundaries.

All of these things, and more…

As one focuses on the whole, rather than the specific, the Comfort Zone becomes magic, beyond linear or concious understanding, to the nth degree.

The Comfort Zone is good; it requests intention, but it gives back exactly what has been intended


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