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A style of lyric poetry borrowed from the Japanese that typically presents an intense emotion or vivid image, which, traditionally, is designed to lead to a spiritual insight.

Haiku is a fixed poetic form, consisting of seventeen syllables organized into three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables.

Add the colors now

Into the silk, here I go

Watch me go deeper!

Phillip Bryan
July 2, 2006

Until the stars die

These flags, these moves, myself, now,

Are special, unique

Daniel G. Van Olst
Mon 5-24-2004

If your ties are tight

It is hard to penetrate

And you may get white

Neal and Denis
July 3, 2006

A splendid fire wheel!

Now into the dryer go.

Where has the red gone?

Ben Zimmerman
July 3, 2006

The circular motion of

Angel’s Wings

give me peace.

The colors and the inner flame lead me….

Like a butterfly’s motions,

forever searching for Truth.

Jack Gerard
July 4, 2006

Color saturates.

Flowing as creative juice.

Yielding Art’s true form.

Pedro Diaz
July 5, 2006

White my life pre silk

Untie silk untie my life

Bright now silk and life

Mitch Bodholdt
July 5, 2006

absolutely still
while lights, music, noise surround
i dance in the calm

transcending their form
what should just be dyed fabric
beautiful magic

no use pretending
your eyes gravitate to them
mesmerized you stare

Mike Shriver
March 11, 2007

To dance, to connect

Look inside and find myself

Deep within myself

Phillip Bryan
July 6, 2006

In All this Coolness

It is The moon watching us?

Flagging by the pool

Angel Saratiel
June 6, 2007,
Inspired by the Sunday pool party at Texas Flagger Weekend 2007

Phillip Bryan

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