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The truth is that I usually wear jeans when I flag. Less if possible. Never a shirt. It’s about the music, the connection, the dance, not about what you wear.

But for a show, appearance does count. People want interesting, sexy, impressive, or maybe just different. If you know me, then you know how I love to give people what they want. (Insert innuendo here.)

One of the best things about performing has been getting a crazy idea and then making it happen. Getting positive reinforcement for my wild creations is a rush, and it keeps inspiring me to go further and try even stranger things.

Here, then, is a little diary of some of the clothing I’ve created, for shows, parties, or just ‘cuz I wanted to do it. I’m pretty pleased with most of these, but keep in mind I’m not showing you one or two pairs that didn’t work out so well!

We’ll start with my latest stuff, because it’s what I like the most, and because I’m still using it. Then on to the earlier stuff, some good, some less so, but all fun. There aren’t pictures for some of the earlier pairs. Guess I’ll have to go find them and see if they still fit!

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