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Springtime Pop

By May 13, 2010September 16th, 2012Galleries

A fun, bright design that looks great spinning.

Phillip Bryan

Author Phillip Bryan

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  • Ryan Wilcox says:

    Wow this are just beautiful Phillip. I’ve got to get some new ones from you. I’ve just worn mine out. LOL
    Hey wanted to give you and the rest of the Flagger site the Article the Denver Post wrote about me and competeing in Figure Skating at the Gay Games. I will be Skating and Flagging as well. I will be doing a Matador with Red Silk Flags and a Techno Number with the Silver flat back Sequin. Still looking for funds so if anyone want to donate the information for donating to getting me there is at the bottom of the article written by my coach.
    Thanks bud and hope you happy and healthy.
    Love ya
    Here’s the link to the Article:

    1. You must have a PayPal account. Once you are logged in you can choose to “Send Money” and enter caitlin’s email address and enter the dollar amount. Once they do this she will receive a notification that we have received money and she will log on to her account and deposit it into the “Gay Games Fund”.
    2. You can also mail checks to me at this address:
    Caitlin Brozna
    Bella Diva Dance
    6920 Richthofen Pl.
    Denver, CO 80220
    Please make checks out to “Gay Games Fund”
    Thanks guys and Keep flagging.